Introducing you to the expert in Hair Transplants and Dermatology

The FUE Specialist Clinic is renowned for the best FUE hair Transplant in Liverpool. Our Clinic has developed the best FUE method extensively to provide very high-quality, comfortable, natural and reliable FUE results for men and women.

Our team is led by experienced FUE hair transplant surgeon Dr J Kumari, who founded The Liverpool Hair Transplant Clinic over ten years ago. Dr J Kumari completed her Masters in Clinical Dermatology at Kings College, London, and worked in the NHS, specializing in general and aesthetic dermatology, before starting the The Liverpool Hair Transplant  Clinic. She is highly experienced in Dermatology, as she has also completed her Masters in Dermatology (MSc) from the University of Hertfordshire UK.

Clinical excellence and experience in dermatology underpin all of our treatments, and a deep technical understanding means we’re able to offer cutting-edge, revolutionary treatments as they become available.

Our Patient Co-ordinators and Surgical Assistants take care of our clients and their comfort, they guide the client on how to undertake aftercare as well as providing a fantastic aftercare program in the clinic, they advise on how to take your medicine after the procedure as advised by Dr J Kumari, and answer any questions that you may have.

You can read feedback from some of our clients here, or call the clinic now on 07498 496 160 or submit an inquiry to us via this form for an obligation-free consultation.

Accreditation & Associations

  • The General Medical Council
  • Care Quality Commision
  • International Association Of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Europian Association Of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • British Association Of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Europian College Of Aesthetic Medicine And Surgery
  • British Association Of Cosmetic Doctors/British College Of Aesthetic Medicine
  • British Association Of Body Sculpting

International Association of hair restoration surgery

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration with more than 1,000 members throughout 60 countries worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics. The ISHRS also provides continuing education to physicians specializing in hair transplant surgery and is committed to providing the latest information on medical and surgical treatments for hair loss to the general public.

The ISHRS is a member of the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates (HOD).

The ISHRS is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Web address: http://www.ishrs.org/. Dr. Kumari’s membership profile is located here.

The general medical council

The GMC registers doctors to practice medicine in the UK. Their purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine. Dr. Kumari is a registered GMC Practitioner.

Care quality commission

We take the utmost care to ensure that we meet the highest standards of care and are audited by the Care Quality Commission

British Association of body sculpting

The British Association of Body Sculpting (“BABS”) is a constrained enrolled not-revenue driven association in England and Wales The major point of the BABS is to encourage clinical incredibleness in aesthetic body sculpting methodology. This incorporates the foundation of clinical practice guidelines professional behavior preparing and consistent professional improvement of body sculpting specialists. Dr. Joy Kumari is a member of (BABS) British Association of Body Sculpting.

British Association of cosmetic doctors/ British college of aesthetic medicine

The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors was formed in 2001. This association is now known as (BACM) The British College of Aesthetic Medicine. This was established to encourage self-regulation within the aesthetics industry, to ensure cosmetic medicine remains ethical and safe and that the highest medical standards are maintained across the country for all their members. Dr. Joy has also taken membership of (BAC)( British Association of Cosmetic Doctors)