What are Ageing Hands?

Our hands are are tools, and can be one of the most telling signs of our age. They’re frequently exposed to the sun and UV light, but often we forget to apply sunscreen.

Even when we moisturise, the skin on the back of our hands is very thin, and you can often begin to see the outlines of our tendons, bones, veins and hand’s structure as we lose the fat under our skin over time. This natural cushion reduces from our late twenties and early 30s onwards, and – by the time most of us hit 50 – our hands show our true age, even if other parts of our bodies don’t.

Sun exposure also causes a range of liver spots and brown patches known as sun or age spots, and can make our hands look even older than they are. The darkness of veins under our thin hand skin can also make them look bruised and more skeletal.

What We Do

Getting wrinkles in hand is not an uncommon problem. It might be due to age or other factors. Lack of skin maintenance can also lead to the portrayal of wrinkles in hands. If you want to wash away wrinkles permanently, we provide a variety of treatments.

What you have to do

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