Dr Jyotsna Kumari

She is one of the leading surgeons in the field of hair transplant in the UK, having performed over 1000+ FUE surgeries in her 10 years as a hair transplant surgeon. She started her career working in the NHS as a nephrologist, later developing her skills in the Dermatology. She later found her true calling in the FUE hair transplant surgery, she then established this clinic and has been running it successfully ever since. She is a known figure in the northwest when it comes to dermatology and hair transplants, also is a leading expert in the field of FUE surgery.

All the hair transplant procedures are performed by the latest technology in FUE treatment. She has maintained her reputation over the years as an expert in the field and wants to deliver the best care there is to offer when it comes to hair transplants. She also offers other treatment to help with hair loss.

Saima Jabbar

Clinic Coordinator

Saima’s background is MSc in Human Resource Management and a MBA. Saima runs the day-to-day tasks for the clinic, her background in Human Resource Management and working for NHS clinic previously has made the perfect person to run our clinic. She maintains records of our client with the utmost privacy and professionalism. Her experience makes her the perfect candidate to run our clinic and she is an irreplaceable asset to our clinic.

Zeeshan Durrani

Business Manager

Zeeshan has a vast experience in managing businesses, his past work ranging from managing events and as a business consultant helping other businesses to grow and achieve their targets makes him perfect for our clinic. He provides our clinic with the marketing tools and business knowledge that we need to make our clinic successful. He supervises the day-to-day activities of the clinic, ensuring that we comply with regulatory bodies that we are accredited with and to maintain the level of professionalism that we aimed to achieve in our clinic.