Eyebrow hair can be lost through a variety of causes, that affect its growth cycle or the area it grows from. Those factors can be genetic, from past treatments including electrolysis, laser hair removal, or over-plucking, or through physical causes including thyroid or other medical complaints, surgery, burns or other types of accidents.

What we do

The FUE Specialist Clinic team can either restore your eyebrows in full, effect a subtle thickening, or reduce the visibility of a scar.

Our surgeon Dr Kumari is a leading eyebrow transplant surgeon, and will help guide you through a private consultation to make an informed decision about the best course of action. We’ll talk you through how best to individualise your eyebrows, so that they grow in a natural way, while complementing the shape of your eyes and face.

What you have to do

If you’d like to ask us any questions, feel free to send us a message or call us at a local rate on 0151 280 3248. Below you’ll find out more about eyebrow hair loss, treatments and some typical questions from our clients.