Kyle Christie’s Hair Transplant

Kyle Christie, the a renowned face of British Television Series Geordie Shore, went for a hair transplant at The Skin Clinic + Hair Transplant Centre Liverpool, and the rest is history.

This reality TV star is extremely concerned about his hairs always and this time he wanted to mark some permanent changes to his current hair design structure. He talked about the same with Dr Kumari and she suggested for a hair transplant at The Skin Clinic + Hair Transplant Centre Liverpool.

Initially, he surfaced some doubts owing to the complications that might arise as side effects. But, Dr Kumari clearly explained about the FUE hair transplant method (known otherwise), to which the 24-year-old actor responded with a quick Yes!

Normally, the process involves transference of the follicles from the donor areas (side and back of the scalp) towards the recipient area (front side) of the scalp. It has no side effects on the current genetic property of a human. Rather, the hair grows very naturally for the rest of his/her life.

Dr Kumari performed the same on Kyle Christie but prior to that the 24 year old actor Kyle designed his new hair line. She used special 1mm diameter punch and safely transferred the follicles. Then individually applied them exactly along the proposed design. The process took 12 hours to complete.

Kyle is very happy now with the end results and to him, LSC’s FUE Hair Transplant, UK is the best amongst others.

After this celebrity hair transplant, Kyle’s fans are falling more in love with his new look.