Kyle Christie’s Beard Transplant

Kyle Christie is in the limelight nowadays for his revamped look through beard transplant by LSC Hair Transplant Centre, Liverpool.

The 24 years old actor was in a mood of facial image overhaul. He made a healthy discussion about the same with Dr Kumari of LSC Hair Transplant Centre in Liverpool. The actor was in desperate to make his beard look fuller. Dr Kumari suggested for a natural looking Beard Transplantation through Fue Hair transplantation as it is painless and the effect is permanent.

FUE is suited to any type of male pattern baldness. The process proves to be helpful in cases where the donor area has insufficient stock for transplanting – additional grafts can be drawn from different parts of the body, including the chest and back. To Kyle, the process was impressive.

At first, he designed his own hairline structure while Dr Kumari just transplanted follicles in the same line. Around 2,000 follicles were transferred from the nape of his neck towards his chin, chicks and moustache areas. And it took only a few days for the actor to recover himself fully from this 12-hour lengthy transplant surgery.

This Geordie Shore star also went for an upper head hair transplant in order to restructure the design. As per Kyle, he is more confident about his look now and expressed his thankfulness to the entire team of LSC Hair Transplant Centre to make this happen.