Derry Mathews’ Hair Transplant

Derry Mathews is a popular English Retired boxer, former British, Commonwealth and WBA Interim Lightweight champion. This 33-year-old lad is also a winner of 2002 ABA Bantamweight championship. But, like any other man on this planet, Derry also used to be a victim of male pattern baldness. He started to lose his hairs during his middle Twenties. During this phase, he decided to have a hair transplant just like Wayne Rooney. He came in contact with Dr Joy Kumari and the solution she offered improved his social image forever.

She suggested Derry for FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants. The process involves transferring the follicles which are biological immune to balding. With her eight years of experience in Hair Transplantation and Vaser Liposuction, she uses minimally invasive FUE procedure at the Skin Clinic + Hair Transplant Centre Liverpool. With a big Yes from Derry Mathews, the process kick-started at the LSC Hair Transplant Centre Liverpool.

Nearly 5,000 follicles were moved from his donor part which is present in the sides and back of his scalp to the recipient areas without using sutures. Unlike other techniques, FUE procedure does not leave any linear scar, and it impressed the 2002 ABA Bantamweight championship winner to the fullest.

Dr Kumari used special 1mm diameter punch and safely transferred the follicles. Then individually applied them along the newly structured hairline. The operation lasted for 14 hours. It was the month of April when Derry went under the knife and admitted in the very next month that he had his hair cut two times. He thanked the entire team of LSC Hair Transplant Centre Liverpool and Dr Kumari especially.

This former British and Commonwealth Lightweight boxing champion’s new look is the centre of attraction in public eye, and he is delighted with the results.