FUE Vs FUT-Which one is better?

FUE Vs FUT-Which one is better?

There are two surgical techniques; FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). When it comes to hair transplant, the process is same for both. However, it is the extraction method that differs. Apart from that, there are many other factors that say to go for a FUE over FUT. It’s time to get some knowledge supplement on the same, right?

Top 5 winning factors of FUE over FUT:

FUE comes as a winner over FUT on the basis of following factors:

Hair Removal process:

In FUE, grafts are removed from donor area on one-by-one basis with not a single strip of tissue being removed. However, in FUT, hair follicles are collected from a strip of tissue taken from the back of the head and it causes considerable amount of pain and scars.

Pain Management:

FUE process gives less pain than the other one as there are no stiches involved. However, in FUT, patient complains about swelling in the donor areas because of stiches of course.


Unlike FUT, you will experience zero linear scars in FUE. Just, a group of tiny 1mm diameter punctures will surface and there will be a quick self-healing within next three to seven days of the surgery.

Donor area density:

In FUE, the hairs are removed in a random fashion. The donor area hardly shows any sign of less density.

Permanent Result:

Once you go through FUE, your hairs will start to grow within few weeks and they will grow back more strongly as compared to FUT.

Looking at these facts, FUE is the best alternative as compared to FUT to curb baldness permanently and at LSC, we know how to do it better than one else. Popular FUE hair specialist Dr. Joy has performed over 1100 successful surgeries so far and she is breaking her record every day.

Now, it’s time for you to regain your beautiful hair back.

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