Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie at Dr. Joy FUE Specialist Clinic

The star of Geordie Shore Kyle Christie has recently undertaken FUE Hair Transplant treatment from Dr. Joy FUE Specialist Clinic. Kyle Christie’s hair line was bothering him, which was the reason he came to The Skin Clinic + Hair Transplant Centre.

Kyle came in for a consultation with Dr Kumari and it was discussed in detail how Kyle would like his hair line to look, once this had been discussed and Kyle was happy, the surgery date for FUE Hair Transplant was booked.

31st March 2016 – Kyle fixed a surgery date with Dr. Joy Kumari at FUE Specialist Clinic. Dr. Kumari examined his hair condition again thoroughly.

Mr. Kyle and Dr. Kumari had a great discussion over his hair condition. Kyle Christie has shared each and every problem related to his hair, Dr. Kumari studied the case with her team as well.

Dr Kumari finished the examination and calculations of Grafts and went on to start with the anaesthesia which lasts 8-10 hours and extraction of the Grafts. Kyle Christie was really excited for the surgery and he was mentally and physically prepared for it.

We have spent almost 7-9 hours performing this FUE hair transplant. Kyle is happy with the work, which has been done, and the results so far and he is eagerly awaiting the final results.

We will post regular updates on his progress, soon you can check online his feedback about the hair transplant surgery from Dr. Joy FUE Specialist Clinic and his after result of the transplantation.

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